Why Makes Control Transformer A Desired Option?


A Control Transformer is most probably used to supply voltage to a load, which requires more current when initially energized than under normal operating conditions. It is possibly designed to provide secondary voltage stability under a short-period of specific overload. It is very useful especially at the time where the available voltage must be changed to accommodate the voltage required by the main load. Control Transformer Manufacturers always manufacture them in a variety of choices to meet any application need.

These are constructed with high-quality silicon steel lamination, which helps to minimize the core loses that in result increase the efficiency of the control transformers. It steps down the high-voltage into low-voltage therefore; it is useful for the devices that are no longer able to handle the high voltages. It is also helpful for protecting the men who operate the machines in a very hazardous environment. It is used in electronic circuits that require constant voltage with a low power, or volt-amp rating. These are also recognized as machine tool transformer, industrial control transformer or control power transformer.

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