What Is A Step Down Transformer?


Transformers are of two main types, step down or step up, which are used in several applications. In both of its types, Step Down Transformer is mostly recommended because it reduces the electrical voltage to the level necessary for the device for its smooth operation. Their primary voltage is always higher than the secondary ones, which assist them in converting the voltage from a higher level to lower. Its basic configuration and function rely on the principle of electromagnetic or mutual induction between the coils.

Step Down Transformer Manufacturers fundamentally builds it with two or more coils of insulated wires, which are wounded throughout a core. The turn ratio between the coils measures the amount of voltage transformation between the devices. Its installation requires a little bit more attention than the step up and therefore, it is always suggested to take expert support for this. Otherwise, it will not work as it is expected to be. Most of the times, it starts creating problems, which you can easily detect by checking the wires, configure the voltmeter, test the terminals, continuity of the coils etc. These may help you to identify the actual position of your transformer.

If you don't have any technical knowledge or you found some big trouble in your device, so, consult a professional immediately. This is because playing with such device is not safe and not everyone's cup of tea. To ensure safety you should always buy it from a reliable Transformer Manufacturers in India that provide installation and maintenance service, so, you don't need to rush anywhere else in any such condition. Trutech Products - a Pune-based company can do all this for you. They have a broad range of quality transformers to offer at a rock-bottom price.