What Are The Various Parts Of A Transformer Essential For Its Proper Working?


A transformer is an electrical device which is essential for the industries to transfer the electrical energy from one device to another alternating device through electromagnetic induction. There are various types of the transformer available in the market which provides isolation between the device and the transformer. This prevents electrical shock to the man and the machine. Trutech Products is the leading name in the market which is serving quality products from more than 2 decades. They are leading as the Transformer Manufacturers In India for providing quality products at the time.

Parts Of The Transformers Essential For The Proper Working:-


The core of the transformer is used to support the windings and made up of soft iron to reduce the loss of the current. It also provides low reluctance path to the flow of magnetic flux. The diameter of the core is directly proportional to the copper loss.


The windings are divided into two parts primary and secondary. On the basis of the windings, the transformer is divided into two categories: Step-up Transformer and Step-down Transformer. The turns on the coil decide whether it is step-up or step-down.

Cooling Tubes

They are used to cool down the transformer oil as the name of the part suggests its working. The circulation of the oil may be forced or natural.

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