Pick Isolation Transformer For Your Industrial Applications – Here’s Why?


A transformer is a device used to feed the electrical appliances with constant supply of input and output voltage level. It has the function to convert the AC voltage from a level to another. Trutech Products is the highly advanced Isolation Transformer Manufacturers in India and across the global market areas. Since 1997, we are making the world better with the wide range of the products and excellence through the same. The extensive range includes Auto, Three Phase, Step-Down, Rectifier, Special Purpose, Isolation, and various other transformers, which are meant to drive better results at low power consumption.

Benefits Of Using Isolation Transformer For Your Industrial Applications:-

  • Safety - The device isolates the primary winding from the secondary one which provides protection against the electric shocks to both man and the machine. We are engaged in engineering agile solution to ace all the applications.
  • Noise Reduction - Most power tools are noisy and isolation transformer gives your ears a relive while reducing the noise. The device is designed to suppress the noise production so that you will get smoother application with the enhanced production.
  • Suppress Surges - The sudden and high voltage surges devaluate your appliances and cause malfunctions as well as hindrance in the operation. Isolation transformer is the generous solution for reducing the sudden surges and provides constant supply of voltage to the devices.

We are highly devoted Step-Down Transformer Manufacturers in the global market areas that are known for delivering quality excellence with the complete range. Taking the total advantage of having experience of 20 years in the array, we are catering the national and the international clientele with the greater satisfaction and humble quality. Call us now on the numbers given below or leave your enquiries to know more about our products range.