Main Constructional Parts Of A Transformer


Needless to say, Transformer is extremely vital to our economy that gives you a break from the problem of power cuts. It is a static device that mainly works to transfer electrical energy from one circuit to another without making any direct connection. The whole process has been done through the mutual induction between the two winding, which transfers the power without changing its frequency but in different voltage level. If you want to dig into its process, so you first need to know about its constructional part. Take a look to know more and buy it always from a preeminent Transformer Manufacturers in India.

Primary Winding: One of the major constructional parts of a transformer is its primary winding, which helps it to produce flux when it is connected to the main electrical source. It is also called as a coil whose main function is to draw power from the source.

Magnetic Core: Another important constructional component of a transformer is its magnetic core that is used to provide a controlled path for the magnetic flux, which is generated in the device. It is produced by the primary winding that passes through a low reluctance path to create a closed magnetic circuit.

Secondary Winding: Last but the most important constructional part of a transformer is its secondary winding that delivers the changed voltage to the load. It reduces the creation of flux and gives the desired output of the transformer.

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