Know The Reason Behind The Popularity Of Auto Transformers


An Auto transformer is the one, whose primary as well as secondary windings are joined together with one another and both are wound on a single leg of a laminated core. This type of transformer has gained great popularity in a very short span because of its compact design, easy installation, smooth performance and long working life. Another thing that stands this device apart from any other type of transformer is that it works on the principle of self-induction. Buying it from the well-reputed Auto Transformer Manufacturers is beneficial as they offer you the device in varied designs and other specifications.

You may usually find this type of transformer in applications that require a slight boost or reduction in voltage to a load. It obtained the boosting function with only a single winding, which makes it an economical and lighter option to buy and use. The use of a single winding doesn't affect its working and it has the ability to work at the optimized as the two winding transformer does. It's increased KVA rating, low exciting current, and smaller size makes it ideal to use in different industrial applications. It doesn't require isolation between its primary and secondary winding and completes its work smoothly with no hassle.

This is the reason behind its huge popularity in the market among different applications. If you are interested to buy this option for your industry, you can be in touch with Trutech Products. Being the most prestigious Isolation Transformer Manufacturers in India, we guarantee the availability of the wide range as per your demanded specification that too at the most reasonable price. You can call us or email your queries directly to the details provided on your screen.