How To Check A Step-Down Transformer? – A Safety Guide


A step-down transformer is an electric device that helps to convert the high voltage into low voltage. The electrical coils help this device to intercept the high voltage that reduces the chances of electrical overload. This device comes in various specifications hence; you can easily buy it as per your requirement. Trutech Products is offering a vast variety of transformers from where you can choose the right one for your industrial need. Being the foremost Step-down Transformer Manufacturers, we are offering an advanced range of products that are available at a cost-effective price. Here is a safety guide to check the transformer.

  • The first step is to remove the existing wires from the transformer with the help of a screwdriver. Then, identify the wires carefully.
  • Turn the ohmmeter and place the red wire into the ohms. After that, turn the black lead inside the metal frame of a transformer, this process is known as wire testing.
  • Check the continuity of every coil that is presented inside the transformer with the help of ohmmeter. Perform the exact test to X1 and X2 terminals to check its working perfectly. If you find a broken wire, then change it immediately.
  • After the completion of the test, you must reinstall the transformer correctly. It is important to change the wires and broken components of a transformer to avoid the risk of short circuits.

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