Buy The Right Transformer At The Right Price For A Right Application


Trutech Products is the name that is trusted beyond the international boundaries for delivering crafted solutions all over the world. Since 1997, we are known as the highly acclaimed Transformer Manufacturers In India and throughout the international market areas. We have made ourselves into this array through delivering quality and devoting the self in the services of our customers. Industrial Transformers are the range of electrical devices that are employed for different applications. We are offering the wide range to enhance the experience of our customers while providing them elite solutions for all the applications.

From The Wide Range Of The Transformers, We Have Some Elite Solutions:-

  • Isolation Transformer - The device has the core function of isolating the AC device from the main device so that they can work independently without any fear of electric shocks. The device provides constant supply of voltage power as well.
  • Auto Transformer - The device works on single winding as it shares common winding. In other words, it has single winding that plays the role of both primary and secondary one. The device is used widely in different applications.
  • Three Phase Transformer - The transformer has three windings arranged in a manner to provide constant voltage supply while balancing the load in three phases. It redistributes the flow of the voltage or current for integrated application.

We are most concerned Transformer Manufacturers known for crafting industrial solutions to take the world to the edge of technological transformation. We are making the world better with the world class range of best products. Call us on the numbers provided to your screens or leave your enquiries on the numbers provided below. We are ready to dispatch all your orders so apply for the bulk requirements now to get the products delivered shortly.