All You Need To Know About Auto Transformers


Auto transformers are designed to provide a constant supply of power and work on the joined primary and secondary windings. When you need to diversify the fixed given AC supply nothing could serve better than this device. Both primary and secondary windings are wound together on one laminated core. Trutech Products is the most versatile Transformer Manufacturers In India and across the global market areas that are known for delivering the best quality products to the esteemed clients. Since 1997, we are delivering quality and excellence under the one roof.

Amazing Facts You Need To Know About Auto Transformers:-

  • Popular In Use: The device is used widely for its robust construction as it is common to both primary and secondary winding where copper wire is wound over the silicon steel. Slight increments and reductions are possible with the device.
  • Save Conductor Materials: When you compare the requirement for the copper for the given voltage ratio and VA rating for the two winding transformer with an auto transformer, you will find great savings of conductor materials using the Auto transformers.
  • Other Advantages: The device is more efficient than the other variants of the transformers and it is cost effective as well as compact in size relatively to the other variants. The leakage resistance of the device is also greater than a two winding transformer.

We are the highly accomplished Auto Transformer Manufacturers in the global market area who are known for delivering the best quality products to the industries involved in the heavy duty applications. We are based in Pune and serving the global industries with agile solutions. Call us now or leave your enquiries to know about the widest range of the transformers available at our manufacturing unit.